Plantar Fasciitis: Acupuncture and Exercises for Pain Management

June 16, 2020 - by Dr. Katherine Chung, ND - in Uncategorized

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Plantar fasciitis is a common problem that many face in their lifetime and costs the U.S. healthcare system $192 – 376 million per year to treat. It accounts for about 15% of foot injuries a year in the U.S. – in 2018, about 1% of the U.S. population reported being diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. The prevalence is higher in the age group of 45 – 64 and the lowest in the age group of 18

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Inflammation: The Key To Manage Your Pain

June 15, 2020 - by Dr. Katherine Chung, ND - in Uncategorized

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Inflammation is the wood that keeps the fire of pain burning strong. But how? Why does inflammation worsen pain? Well, first we have to know how pain is transmitted throughout the body first and what inflammation is – this is key to understanding the pain-inflammation relationship.  How is pain transmitted? There are 2 ways for your body to feel/transmit pain: 1. Fast-sharp pain signals Using specific nerve fibres (alpha-delta fibres) to send pain signal for acute pain

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Muscle Testing For Pain Management

June 09, 2020 - by Dr. Katherine Chung, ND - in Uncategorized

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Video description: introduction to muscle mechanics, physiology, and muscle testing  Muscle pain and injury is a major medical problem that a majority of the population has experienced at least once in their life time (60 – 85%). Unless you’re a baby, the likelihood that you’ve experienced muscle soreness and injury is extremely high. We have yet to determine a clear picture of what causes chronic muscle pain, however much of the research shows that is

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