IV and Neural Therapy

What is IV therapy?

IV therapy is a unique and tailor made cocktail of vitamins and minerals that is given intravenously. Based on your needs, a formula will be created for you and administered in office, usually over a 1 hour period of time.

How does IV therapy benefit me?

Because IV therapy is flexible in terms of what can be mixed into the bag, the sky's the limit for the benefits of IV therapy. Specific formulations can be made to boost your immune system, recover from an intense work out, prep for an upcoming athletic competition, anxiety/depression, and nutrient deficiencies; just to name a few. 

What is neural therapy?

Neural therapy is the injection of 2% procaine and vitamin B12 into specific areas of pain/scarring in the body. This allows for a "reset" of the nervous system in that area and local relaxation of muscles. The goal of this therapy is for reduce/eliminate pain due to scarring, overuse, or other MSK issues.

How does neural therapy benefit me?

Neural therapy is most beneficial for any chronic pain that is due to nerve damage, surgery/scarring, and overuse injuries of the muscles. If you have numbness/tingling, chronic pain, and tight/stiff muscles with a lot of trigger points, neural therapy definitely can help in all these areas.

Neural therapy can also reduce the look of scars. A scar due to surgery or trauma that has caused a lot of adhesions in the skin (you can tell by the lack of movement of the skin over the scar) will cause a number of symptoms (some of which have been listed above). Neural therapy break up these adhesions and "reset" the nervous system in that area and as a side benefit, it will also reduce the look of the scar as well during the process.

Is it covered?

Maybe. All naturopathic visits are covered by most extended benefits plans. Any added product costs (i.e. the cost of the IV or the procaine/B12 mixture) may or may not be covered. Please check with your extended benefits plan provider.


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