Clinical Nutrition

What is clinical nutrition?

Clinical nutrition is the application of nutrition in a doctor-patient setting. The body's health (from the skin to the smallest cell in your body) is all reliant on clean and proper eating. Just like the individuality of people's personality, body composition and metabolism is just as unique. So a blanket diet will not work for everyone and a personalized nutrition plan requires a thorough intake and understanding of you and your body's needs.

How does it benefit me?

The application of clinical nutrition is as wide range as the use of salt in cooking. Dietary changes can be used to meet a variety of health goals including (but not limited to) weight loss, detoxification, improving energy, improving athletic performance/endurance, and pain reduction. A properly tailored nutrition plan can benefit everyone from any walk of life, but an individualized plan is key.

Is clinical nutrition covered?

Yes. Naturopathic physicians have a minimum of 400 hours of training in nutrition and are qualified to create nutritional treatment plans tailored to your needs. All nutritional counselling can be covered under "Naturopathy" in most extended benefits plans.


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