What is Acupuncture?

The body works best when it is in balance and has achieved a homeostatic state. Acupuncture is an ancient Asian medical practice in which hair thin needles are inserted into the skin at specific locations on the body (there's 365 all over the human body). The needling combination of different acupuncture points restores balance and homeostasis of the body, thus allowing proper functioning of the body as a whole.

Does it hurt?

No. Acupuncture should not be uncomfortable or painful in any way. The acupuncture needles are so thin (the width of your hair) that you shouldn't feel pain. Common sensations you will feel are: tingling, numbness, heaviness, warmth, and achiness.

Is Acupuncture covered?

Yes. Certified naturopathic physicians can perform acupuncture treatments and can be covered under "Naturopathy" in most extended benefits.


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